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Introduction and Overview! September 2013

I found this car locally, totally on a whim while searching craigslist. I wasn't specifically looking for a Galant VR-4, but it was always a car that I appreciated and admired. Once I saw this particular one in person and the potential it had, I just had to fix it up and return it back to it's original glory!

Here's the video version of this update. Check it out!

Here are the original photos from the Craigslist post. I responded to the ad right away and was looking at it within the hour. Yes, it's a sickness.

The pics made it look somewhat nicer looking than it actually was, since the car had been sitting for some time. Here are a few shots that I took of it. The car was originally purchased in Bristol, TN and never ventured outside of the state. I bought the car from the original owners who shared many great stories about the car and watching their kids grow up in it.

This car came with the EXTREMELY RARE "Aloha Interior Package"

Yeah man, dreamcatcher!

A quick shot from the video of my off-road excursion.

This VR-4 is #1444 of 2000 brought to the US in 1991.

Thanks for reading and watching, see ya next time!